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“Vision therapy has helped my daughter tremendously. Six months ago she mostly listened to books on tape and read along. Now she is picking up books and reading them on her own for long periods of time. She feels that her eyes can track the words better and she can do her homework more independently. Overall I would highly recommend vision therapy. Dr. Kim was wonderful to work with and I wish we had done it earlier.”



I have been able to read for longer periods of time. I have been falling and tripping less. I have better awareness of my surroundings. And homework has become easier. Before I started therapy people gave me a catch phrase ‘have a nice trip, see you next fall.’ Because I was tripping and running into so many times. This was a lot of work but it helped a lot! Most activities were interesting and I have learned a lot about how your eyes work and about the muscles that control them.

S. P.


“When my son started vision therapy, it was our last resort before eye surgery to correct his exotropia. I was hesitant to have the surgery since his problems with his brain working correctly with his eyes. He has just finished seven-eight months of vision therapy. I’ve noticed improvement with his eye control and he is much more coordinated with sports, mainly basketball and baseball. He is more aware of when his eyes are out of focus and his eye control has improved since this first appointment. Dr. Kim has been amazing and my son enjoyed working with her!”

C. C.


“Coming into the program, my daughter had challenges with her eyes tracking which makes reading and test-taking much harder. With therapy, my daughter has acknowledged positive changes in a few important areas. She feels her fluency has improved and her understanding of the questions being asked. Her eyes are less watery and fatigued. This all has helped with her level of frustration with school. She is more independent and more confident academically. With less frustration, her behavior has improved too.”

M. F.


“My son has shown significant improvement in his reading skills. Speed, comprehension and concentration while reading is notably better. We have also observed improvements in his spatial orientation. He can now quickly respond to right and left directions, which used to be very slow. We are really pleased with the results obtained so far.”

W. R.


“My son has made vast improvements since starting vision therapy. His confidence has gone way up. He has started to ask to read which is a big step forward. He reports being able to see in ways he could not before and that has improved his academics overall. I can’t say enough – he is doing so much better!”

L. H.


“In the beginning I noticed that my son closed his eyes while looking at me or watching TV. While reading I observed that he was very slow picking up the words as he read across the page.

As of late, my son has made marked improvement. He no longer closes his eyes and has not mentioned seeing double or “fuzzy” vision. Also, his reading has vastly improved. He says he can see everything better.

I’ll close by saying, his over all attitude and confidence has vastly improved.”

H. A.


“Vision therapy has helped my daughter academically as well as in her extracurricular activities of gymnastics, dance, and soccer! Her ability to track, coordinate, and use her binocular vision has significantly improved! She has felt as a sense of pride and accomplishment as she has mastered visual skills through her exercises. We are very happy with the results and positive impact vision therapy has afforded her. Thank you!”

J. A.


“My son’s reading speed and comprehension has increased. He is less frustrated doing class work and school work.”

J. H.