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Start 2015 with an EYE Focus Resolution


You are probably looking ahead to the New Year with some personal goals aimed at health and wellness, with perhaps a nudge to change up your overall look with something fresh and different.  At Visualeyes Optometry, our optical team can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions with an EYE focus —- maintaining healthy eyes with a comprehensive examination and giving yourself a smart makeover with fabulous frames & lenses and/or switching to contact lenses.


What’s Involved in the Comprehensive Annual Eye Examination?

The comprehensive examination is an important part of preventative health care.  Since many vision issues have no obvious symptoms or warnings, individuals are not aware that a problem may exist.  Early detection and treatment of eye problems are key to maintaining eye health and in some instances, preventing vision loss.

A comprehensive eye and vision examination includes several components

  • Patient History:   General health, along with occupational and environmental conditions is reviewed for any issues that may affect vision.
  • Evaluations for depth perception, color vision, eye muscle movements, peripheral vision, and pupil response to light are made.
  • Visual Acuity:  Each eye is tested with distance and near reading charts.
  • Keratometry:  A measurement of the curvature of the cornea is done and is essential for fitting contact lenses.
  • Refraction:  Using various instruments, the refraction process identifies the needed lens power to compensate for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.
  • Eye Focusing, Eye Teaming and Eye Movement:  This assessment indicates how well the eyes focus, as well as how they move and work together.
  • Tonometry:  This test measures eye pressure with elevated levels demonstrating an increased risk for developing glaucoma.
  • Eye Health Evaluation:  An external evaluation of the cornea, eyelids, and eye tissue, as well as an internal evaluation of the lens, retina and posterior section of the eye are made.

All these components provide a very thorough set of information to determine the eye health diagnosis, a treatment plan if necessary, and a corrective lens prescription.


Your Smart Eye Makeover

From the comprehensive examination, the Doctor also makes a recommendation for the type of lenses to accommodate your visual needs.  It may be a single vision lens or a multi-focal lens; it may need to be worn fulltime or worn only for specific activities, such as driving, reading, working with computers, sports, or for protective sun wear.  For those patients who request a contact lens examination, the tests are expanded to include those that identify the best contact lens solution (prescription and fit).  New contact lens patients are given a “trial” set of contacts to test run the solution before the prescription is finalized.  Training and support are provided to the new wearer on how to insert and remove their contacts, as well as the necessary maintenance of them.  In short order, the new wearer masters the art of contacts lenses.

For those who chose to update their frames and lenses, the Visualeyes team is ready to guide the patient toward the best options for the recommended lenses, as well as assist them on a frame choice that enhances their personal appearance and eye wear personality!  The choices are many – frames of different shapes, colors and materials that all express a unique and personal statement.



The optical gallery at Visualeyes Optometry has several outstanding frame lines, including the following

  • Designer frames with a fashion edge:     Prada, Gucci, Christian Dior
  • European & Japanese frames with a contemporary attitude: ProDesign, OGA, Morel, Kio Yamoto
  • The Classics:  Ray Ban, Silhouettes
  • Fun, lively & youthful:  Juicy Couture, Paul Frank
  • Standard-setting excellence in sun wear:  Maui Jims, Oakley
  • Sporty & athletic:  Liberty Sport, Rec-Specs, Nike


Let’s Do It Together

At Visualeyes Optometry, our commitment is to our patients and their overall eye wellness.  Let us help you achieve your 2015 resolution with a comprehensive annual eye examination.  And then allow us to turn heads in your direction with distinctively-framed or contact lens-aided EYES from Visualeyes!